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the balms

inspired by the bees in the beehives we keep in our urban garden, i have developed a range of skincare balms made with beeswax and essential oils. the wax is a by-product of a honey harvest, where the beekeeper scrapes of the wax cappings to extract the honey.

beeswax has traditionally been used as a healing salve, as it is deeply moisturising and nourishing on skin, and has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

each balm has a blend of oils, butters and aromatherapy essential oils carefully selected to bring out the nurturing powers of each of the botanical ingredients. this includes protecting hardworking hands with the powers of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus and tea tree oil; richly moisturising lips with cocoa butter and coconut oil; and aiding relaxation with the calming properties of lavender and ylang ylang.

to use, gently massage the balm on to your skin. the balms are deeply nourishing and will take a few minutes to be absorbed. to get the full benefit of the essential oils within each balm, you can rub your hands together, cup them in front of your face and gently inhale the scents to help you either recharge or relax, depending on the scent of each balm.

the balms are all suitable for vegetarians, made with natural ingredients, and none of the cosmetic ingredients have been tested on animals.

always take precautions by testing a small amount on skin first. if irritation occurs, do not continue use. avoid contact with eyes. do not use essential oils during pregnancy.

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