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about us

we make little tins of natural skincare balms with beeswax and essential oils, all handmade in small batches.

a few years ago, we started keeping bees in our urban garden and after harvesting the honey, i started using the left over beeswax cappings to make skincare products. i immediately fell in love with the nourishing and soothing properties of the beeswax and oils, and family and friends liked them too. inspired by the garden bees, i set about developing a range of balms, all with different properties for skin, natural materials and even doggy paws; scaled up production (all still handmade), achieved skin safety testing and approval, and booked us in to the local manchester makers markets!

the response and feedback to the balms at the markets have been great, right from the first customer approaching the stall - whilst i tried to contain the butterflies in my stomach - to selling online and through local giftshops. when i started i wasn't even sure if i’d sell any balms, but they have proven to be popular.

with the arrival of the garden bees, belle the golden retriever joined us, and so this beeswax balm adventure began.

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